1. Download the zipped file to your local drive. 
  2. Double click the zip file


The following screen will display



  1. Click Next



  1. Make sure “Unzip or install from “XXX.zip” option is checked and click Next




  1. The file will automatically unzip in a directory that was created when you installed WinZip called “unzipped”.  Anything you unzip will go there, unless you designate another location. 


To designate another location:

1.      Click on the “Select different folder” button




2.      Choose the location you want the file to be unzipped (I usually unzip to my desktop)  Click OK



  1. Click Unzip Now


This window will display




After the file has completed, this window will display



  1. Click Close to end or Next to select another file for unzipping.
  2. The last step is to go to the directory you chose to unzip the files into and then view or in our case……….listen to them! 


Good luck.