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The music on this page is Bach's Cello Sonata and was used in Truly Madly Deeply.
Download the music from the Audio page.


These video and audio files were created just for all my
Alan Rickman friends.  Whether he knows it or not, 
he has the best fans a man could ever want or need!



If you have any comments or suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me (Claudia GA) at:




Please forgive my indulgence but please take a moment to check this out.  
It is a cause near and dear to my heart

Stop Hospital Infections



This site was brought to my attention by A Fish Needing Help when she
sent me a copy of their beautiful pro-peace song, The Cause.
Jiva is a couple that write and sing their own style of music. The combination of both
voices and contrasting guitar styles makes for a gentle and relaxed sound.

Be sure to check out The Cause on the Songs page


Before you start, 


you will need: 

  • Windows Media Player, Winamp, or any media player
    that will support .wmv files. 
  • WinZip or some other unzipping program
  • Download Accelerator is optional


Download  free tools here:

For all you international shoppers of AR goods, here is great little
currency converter site.  Brought to my attention by our own Kimberly!

The Universal Currency Converter



      Notes of Thanks
 Suzy Q,
Your suggestions, pics, and sound clips have
been the meat of this site.  Without you, this
site would be sooooo boring.


Without your generous time in assisting me
to brainstorm and test this site, I am afraid
it would be nothing more than
a bunch of text that leads to no where.
Note to other WebMistresses/Masters
To potential eBay vendors

These videos are free for the download.  They are not meant to be burned onto CD and sold
on eBay!  This is fair warning to you.  I am a member of eBay's VeRO (thanks Juliet and Suzanne
for the info) and I will not hesitate to use it.  To take advantage of fellow AR fans (and friends) is a BIG no-no!  


Please check out these Alan Rickman sites:

(for Snape/Harry Potter links, check out our "All Things Snape" page)

For sites with language different from your own--try using Alta Vista's BabelFish Translator.


Suzy's site has not only a portion devoted to AR 
but has some other hotties listed as well.  Check it out.
This woman has the golden touch when it comes
to screen caps and sounds--and lucky for us  she loves sharing!
She has a heart of gold!  We love you Suzy Q!

Visit her own little corner of this site!

Ali-Pat's site is rich in reading material.  She has done
(and is still working at it) a fabulous job of gathering together
every thing imaginable to read about AR and/or related to
a piece of work he has done.  Whether it be a novel,
screenplay, a book with his name it it, Ali-Pat
can tell you where to find it.


Camerata's Alan Rickman Paradise is filled with news,
fan art, pictures, and interviews.  It  is
a French site that can be also viewed in English.


Suzanne's AR "page" has evolved into the most comprehensive 
grouping of information about AR on the Internet.
Visit her Guest Book.



Click here for the complete text of
"That Book" plus all the nice piccies!

Many special thanks to Mary Kay for bending
over backwards to help me locate this site.
And thanks goes to our Kimberly for
sending me the link!


Dee's Famous ARt is yet another cute little Rickman site.
Dee has taken famous pieces of art and added
Alan Rickman's face to the piece. In addition, she
provides the background information for each piece
which has become a great learning tool for me.
Who needs Art Appreciation classes now?


Yahoo Groups

Frankie's and Row's great (and large) group of AR fans!
Come join us.

Raffaella's  great group of AR fans!
Come join us.

Cyndi's group is packed with AR fan fic.
Check them out.
Must be 18 or older.

Live Journals and Blogs
Elaine's Snapesoul Sue's ItsaFantasteeek
CatsPlay's Rickmanalysis Dee's alARmingly disARming
Emteee's World's Lamest LiveJournal Leeanne's Journal
Lyd Daydreamer's Dreaming All Day
Peekabooh's Fortune Cookie Laurie's Vermont Virgos
Chalebh's Chroniken Fantasteeek & LuciaSledge's Great British Hunks
Marlina's Point of View About Life Christina's Life at its Best
CreaMut's Pavement Cracks WhoGirl17's Place
Jen's Nothing is Wasted  

Some of these aren't 100% Alan Rickman related
but they are still fun to read.

Sweet Obsessions Forum is the home for all
your obsessions and more!

Lex's Everything Rickman has photos, news and schedules,
and even a Snape's Corner.

Row's Truly Madly Wallpapers for all
your Alan Rickman (plus others) wallpapers,
avatars, animations, etc!

Sue's Live Journal is full of
beautiful icons and banners she has
designed and created.  You can use on other forums
as well as other Live Journals.

Please be sure when you're using her
beautiful work, to credit appropriately.

Clary has a wonderful site has tons
of photo albums of images from AR's films.


Nadege's Rickmanesque Blog


Detti site is Hungarian.
She offers some video and audio clips as well.
There is an HP clip from The Simpsons.


Nathalie's Alanmania site is French.
Its has a filmography, Biography,
and lots of Alan images.



Rekuchi & Csacsiga are working on another
Hungarian Alan Rickman site.
Great work, ladies!!!


Momoko's site is another fabulous Japanese
AR site.  Her site has some great screen caps,
news, and Momoko's own picture art.


Helen's site is simply hilarious!
For some zany Rickman fun and games, check it out.

Michelle's Weird World has the
latest news, up coming projects,
photo gallery, and you can even send
and Alan Rickman e-card to your friends.


Alan-Rickman.net is a dual site done in
German and English.  It offers a media
section with video and audio files.
As well as a fabulous offering of wallpapers and icons.

An Italian Alan Rickman site.
Tons of screen caps from
a few of his films.



Carole's site is dedicated to Alan Rickman
as well as Snape.  She offers images, audio, and video files.
She also has a link to her Snape dedicated journal.

Tess' site is for Alanholics everywhere!
Check out the news, pictures, and art.


Tami's site is the original home for "AR Quotes"
Among other things, you may download the 
RealPlayer version of Texas' In Demand video.

Tabisuke's Japanese AR fansite is a collection of
news, image galleries, picture art,
and a scan of her personal letter from
Alan Rickman's personal assistant, Melanie Parker.
Plus a scan of her most prized possession--her autographed
picture from Alan Rickman.  



Toniko's site is in German for all you German Rickmaniacs!
But again, non-German speaking fans, have a go 
at it.  The pics only speak Alan Rickman! 


Panda's Works is dedicated to AR and Snape
 It is full of wonderful art and offers
some fabulous music videos.