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Die Hard(1988)
Truly Madly Deeply

His total appearance in this film.
You won't see him, but that voice
is unmistakable!

His first Hollywood film.

Scenes included are:

The arrival to Nakatomi Tower
Securing Nakatomi Tower
Hans meets McClane
Exceptional Theif

Special thanks to SARF for suggesting
the scenes for this clip.

The Alan Rickman film that 
started it for me.
Close My Eyes

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
Closet Land

Picture and video thanks to Suzy Q  

Dedicated to Frankie.

This clip rated R for naughty words.

Sinclair is simply divine!

The "leg spread" scene.
AR was the brain behind
this scene among others that
made the Sheriff unique,
hilarious, and evil! 

One of the most chilling AR
performances there is.
His character is  pure evil in this piece.

Rated R for violence

As you watch, please don't
forget to think of
Amnesty International

Check this site out for a thorough
analysis (plus images and sounds) of this film.

AR is very generous
with his time and efforts for organizations he believes in. 
Check out this list of other organizations he supports.


An Awfully Big Adventure
Clip 29.1MB
Trailer 6.27MB (.mov)

The gentle, sensual kiss.
Ladies, get those fans ready on this one!
Picture thanks to Suzy Q

This is the neatest little documentary.
In celebration of the Centennial
of the first motion picture, 40 directors
were asked to make a 1 minute film
using the restored original camera
used by the Lumiere brothers.
John Boorman chose to do his
1 minute on the set of "Michael Collins"
Take a look--it really is quite cute.
Special thanks to "A Fish Needing Help" for
sending the trailer

Clip segments include:
PL's arrival
Private chat with Rose
The football game
Discovering the truth

Michael Collins Interview
1.33MB QuickTime file
the Winter Guest

The passionate kissing scene 
Rated R for adult situation
Picture thanks to Suzy Q
This is a very good interview that was
available only on the internet at the film's site.

You will need QuickTime Player in order
for this file to play.


In Hitchcock style, AR made a
very obscure appearance in his
own film directorial debut.

Find some more downloads 
on the official tWG site


the Winter Guest
Region 1 Extra

the Winter Guest
Belgium DVD Extras
Movie Talk
(approx. 1997-98)


This is the interview of AR on the
extras portion of the region 1
DVD.  It is a bit longer than the
interview done on the
Belgium DVD.


Discovery of these DVD extras was
quite a surprise.  This clip includes
some footage from the film shoot
as well as short little clips of
AR during an interview.  Part of which
can be seen  on the official tWG site.

Many many thanks go out to Kaat
for this little beauty.

One other note on this DVD.
There are other interview bits
with Emma Thompson, Phyllida Law,
and one of the producers,
Steven Clark-Hall.


This is 45 full minutes of an interview
that AR did for Movie Talk for
Japanese television.

Very cute little tidbit where
AR speaks Japanese.

This comes to us from our
elusive Kimberly! Thank you!


Galaxy Quest DVD Extra

Galaxy Quest Internet Interview
4.05MB Real Player file
Judas Kiss


The child in the actor. 


This is a very good interview that was
available only on the internet at

Thanks to INTJ for snagging this for us.

You will need Real Player in order
for this file to play.

Picture and video thanks to Suzy Q  

Rated R for naughty language.
This clip is very dark but that is the way
it is on the video (VHS and DVD).  It would
seem that the lighting company was
asleep throughout most of this film.


Dark Harbor

Beckett on Film

This clip is rated R for language.

Clip segments include:
The hotel
The surprise picnic
Playing badminton
The fight

Sorry, but this clip does not contain the infamous
dive and walk scenes.  About as close to
seeing any skin is during the badminton
segment.  Also, the ending has been
left out of this clip as well. 


Special thanks to "melissa" for all her hard
work on this clip AND her efforts
and patience in transferring it to me.

Play is part of the Beckett on Film series. 

Thanks to our wonderful Kimberly for this link
to the text of Play


Beckett On Film
DVD Extra
Help! I'm A Fish DVD Extra

Defending Dogma Snippet
Extra from Vulgar DVD (2000)

This is Alan Rickman's part of the Interview
extra from the DVD collection.

Many many thanks to Elaine for this little gem.

Picture and video thanks to Suzy Q Many many thanks to Ali-Pat for this
little bit of Rickman.

I haven't the slightest clue as to why
Kevin Smith decided to put this
"documentary" piece 
on the Vulgar DVD. 

I did find the whole video rather interesting
despite classic Smith and company's 
use of the "F" word.


Blow Dry Extra

The Search for John Gissing
This film has never been released
Trailer 7.21MB
Clip 3.35MB

Love Actually
AOL Interview



This is Alan Rickman's teeny tiny interview
from the Blow Dry DVD Extra.

My goodness, is that a bird flying up above???  LOL

The first video was originally a QuickTime video
that appeared on the
film's site.  I have converted it
to the more widely viewed .wmv format.

The second video is a clip from the film that
appeared on the
Mike Binder site.

Many man thanks to INTJ for capturing the
second clip!

This is an interview done with AR, Emma Thompson,
Hugh Grant, and Richard Curtis on AOL.

Many many thanks to INTJ for capturing this for us!

Love Actually
Evening Standard Freebie

Love Actually
Spanish Interview

Love Actually
Deleted Scene

These little tidbit interview came from
the freebie promotional DVD that
came with the Evening Standard in the UK.

Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson
talk about their characters. 

Special thanks to SuzyQ for thinking of
me when this freebie appeared.

A huge thanks to Alba for finding
this little beauty and to INTJ
for capturing it for us!

There is Spanish translations
going on during this interview
but if you listen real close,
you can hear AR's voice.

Its just a heartbreak to me that this
scene was cut from the film.
I think this scene was important
so that viewers didn't think that
Karen and Harry always thought
of their son as "Bad Bernard"

Sorry friends, but Emma
Thompson is the star of this
one.  Her reaction to the "hairy"
Christmas tree is priceless! 
 But there is a little bit of Alan too. 

Rated R for nudity and bad language.


Something the Lord Made
(Premieres 5/30/2004)
Part Deux
3.95MB (The Buzz) 
5.55MB (trailer 4)

Something the Lord Made
(Premiere 5/30/2004)
1-Blalock tantrum 5.12MB
2-The Jitter Bug 622KB
3-Night before surgery 1.23MB
4-The Pool Shark 1.92MB
5-A Tender Moment 2.48MB

Something the Lord Made
(Premieres 5/30/2004)
3.27MB (short trailer) 
1.04MB (long trailer)
3.07MB(Trailer 3)




Phew!  The HBOs are really promoting the
heck out of StLM!  Oh but we're not
complaining, are we girls??

The first image (what a lovely smile)
is linked to HBO's The Buzz.  It has
footage and interview clips from the
premiere in NY.

The second image is linked to
the fourth trailer in the series.
It contains behind the scenes
footage and interviews. 

My absolute favorite scene has to be the
pool shark scene.  Pool is one of my all
time favorite pastimes so I was quite
impressed with his "break".
I just can't help but wonder if those
were his "cello" hands, though!   

Also, the jitterbug scene is another good one.
He still has the moves, that's for sure!

The Blalock temper tantrum
piece is rated R for
naughty language!

The top image is linked to a zip file 
which contains both the short and
long trailers for AR's new film
Something the Lord Made

The second image is linked
to the second long trailer
for Something the Lord Made.

The third image is the trailer
with interviews

I smell another Emmy and Golden Globe!!!


Close My Eyes R2 DVD Extra

Unforgivable Blackness:
The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson
Disk 1
(January 2005)
Looking For My Brother
(April 2005)
737KB .mp3 files



Thanks to the ever wonderful 
Suzy Q
for working so fast and hard on
this new beauty!

For a pic gallery of Suzy's work
click here


This is a great film and I can see why
AR agreed to participate.  This is
a must see for any history buff.

His part is to narrate comments
made by the foreign press.

Caution: The language is shocking
but AR does a fantastic job.

AR did two voice-overs for this documentary.
He did a reading from Proust and one from Lewis.

We have Emily's sharp eye to thank for
finding this little beauty.

The download is not video.  It is two
.mp3 files.

Snow Cake
AR sighting in Wawa
(May 2005)
Thanks to Slope for snagging this
AR sighting from Canadian television
during the shooting of Snow Cake.