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The music you are listening to is the medley of songs that
Alan Rickman and Lindsay Duncan performed in Act 2 of Private Lives.
Download it from the Audio page.
Private Lives (segment 1)

Richard Rodgers, New York
(4/2002 thru 9/2002)

Special thanks to Pandora Nervosa for
offering this video.

The video is brief interviews with
the cast of Private Lives.

Segment 1 finds Elyot and Amanda
discussing their present dilemma
and what to do.

Some really nice holding and kissing in this one.



Les Liaisons Dangereuses
1985-86: London
1986-87: New York
Program images


Kathy's new prized possession is
her copy of the Les Liaisons Dangereuses
program.  Many thanks to Kathy
for taking the time and effort to
share them.  Click on the image above
to go to her PhotoBucket Album