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The sound file you are listening to is the theme from
the Harry Potter films (as if you didn't already know
that!  ) However, you might not know that the
file is downloadable from the Audio page.  


Comic Relief's Red Nose Day
Harry Potter and the
Secret Chamberpot
of Azerbaijan 
Australia's Harry Potter
Stamp Collection

ABC's Preview of HP-POA
stamp set.jpg (37210 bytes) stampfull.jpg (30701 bytes) stampcloseup.jpg (30004 bytes)
This is a hilarious piece from Comic Relief's
Red Nose Day.  Please check out their
website.  This piece stars Dawn French,
Jennifer Saunders, Miranda Richardson,
and many others.  Jeremy Irons plays
our dear Snape!

This is yet another piece that our
beloved SuzyQ sent me a long time
ago.  So it has been a long
time "a coming"!

These little beauties were contributed by
Stacey in Australia.

Here's where you can read more about
the stamp collection

Please email her with your comments.

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The title says it all!



Mr. Grinch Potter Puppets
Professor Snape Sound Files

Special thanks to
for this hilarious Snape video

2.56MB .mov

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Check out these to funny for
words videos from

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HP-Socerer's Stone

308KB mp3 zip file includes:

   asphodel    bezoar
   copyingthisdown    fame
   onadaylikethis    ournewcelebrity

HP-Chamber of Secrets

379KB mp3 zip file includes

   expelliarmus    headmaster
   mightisuggest    vipera_evanesca

HP-Prisoner of Azkaban

4.71MB mp3 zip file includes

   DADAclass    moonlight

A special thanks to Gina for her
hard work in creating these files.
Be sure to mail Gina and let her
know how much you appreciate them.

Music Video
Music Video
Music Video


Music: Wrapped Around Your Finger
Performed by:  The Police
Suggested by:  Sabine
Pictures: Thanks again to our Suzy Q

Music: It's a Kind of Magic 
Performed by: Queen
Suggested by:  Suzy Q
Pictures:  Thanks to Suzy Q

Title: Severus Snape
Author: Danielle C  Contact her at
 Music: Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
Performed by: Santa Esmerelda

Danielle says:
       "Yes, I got the idea from Blow Dry.....
so sue me! ;-) "

HP-PoA New York
Music Video

Saturday Night Live
Harry Potter Spoof

Stacey sent me this edited down version
of an interview of the HP-PoA cast on the
red carpet in New York, 5/23/2004.

Special thanks to Harry Potter Fan Zone
for this clip.

Music: Ivory Tower
Performed by:  Connie Francis
Created by : The fabulous SuzyQ


Special thanks for this clip goes to:
Wandless Magic
Total Stars
HP-PoA premiere clips from
Living TV +1  May 2004
New York clip 638KB
London clip 691KB
New York clip 336KB

PoA Premiere
Snape Compilation
Music Video

A French magazine, Total Stars, ran an interview
with Alan Rickman for its Summer 2004
edition.  Our translator is very shy about
this because she has qualms about the
accuracy. But, in my humble opinion,
she's the best!


Many thanks to Elaine for these
wonderful clips.  Stay tuned for a few
more.  Be sure to email her with
your thanks for her hard work.



 Elaine combined the video
footage of AR at both the
London and NY premiere
of PoA and set it to the
voice of Celine Dion
singing "Seducing You"

PoA Premiere in New York
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Snape's Deleted Scene


Many thanks to Elaine for this little
snippet from one of the New York
premiere interviews.  She was able
to snip the clip to get the most
important part! 

He's adorable in this!

  I've had so many requests for this
because it is such a pain to
get to on the DVD

Special thanks to Laura for
capturing this for us.

Music Video

Music Video

Music Video




Music: Sin
Performed by:  Pet Shop Boys
Created by : Sevy

Music: Toxic
Performed by:  Britney Spears
Created by : Sevy

Music: Poison
Performed by:  Alice Cooper
Created by : Sevy
Music Video

Snape Video


Music: Bring Me To Life
Performed by:  Evanesence
Created by : Sevylein

Audio: Pigs
Performed by:  Alan Rickman
Created by : Marianne
Snape/Harry Potter Links

Claudia  (unlike me...Claudia GA) is a Snape-aholic!  
Her site is full of Snape in the form of pics, 
her very own fanfic, and very impressive artwork.  
Be sure to visit "The Muggle Behind Snape" and check out her
"AR Soundtrack Project"


This is an Italian site dedicated to the Professor.
You will find an image gallery, multimedia,
and some fanfic.