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SuzyQ's Corner is a place to share some of the
unique and wonderful AR work that Suzy
so loves to make and share.
Thank you and we love ya, Suzy!

Check back often, 'cause not only is she good....she's fast! 

The sound file your listening to is from Rasputin.


Click on the image to start the download.

All files are zipped.  To learn how to use WinZip, read here.


An Awfully Big Adventure

This sound/image file has
some of PL's lines from ABBA as
well as the beautiful collage to look at!

"How still the night is.  Nothing sounds alive."
"Launched me pirate ship, yet?"
"Would you like to dance?"
"Shall I give you a lift home?"

The original picture from Rickmansworth 
(Ricky, as the locals call it) 
tube station
Special thanks to Anne/Manhattan
for sharing this picture from her vacation.

Rickmansworth tube station after
SuzyQ's magic transforms it into
A Train Full of Alans!


Click on the image to view
 Suzy's CME Interview Galleries

And don't forget the fabulous clip
she made on the Films page!

Download the sound file
from the interview here


  Snape Music Video


Music: Ivory Tower
Performed by:  Connie Francis
Created by : The fabulous SuzyQ

Fun and Games!
(well puzzles may be a better description)

356KB   367KB   341KB   352KB   402KB
My favorite!                
These puzzles are executable files (like a videogram).  Mac user, Susan tells me that
she is able to play these executables through Microsoft's Virtual PC

Wallpapers Galore!!!!