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The sound you are listening to is The Man's acceptance speech from the 2001 Variety Club awards
Thanks goes to Suzy Q

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1987 Tony Awards
Les Liaisons Dangereuses
1996 Emmy Win

1996 Golden Globe Win

This is a piece from the 1987
Tony Awards show in which
AR and Lindsay Duncan
perform a scene from
Les Liaisons Dangereuses.
This is a copy of a copy
of a copy of a copy.......
so the quality is not real good.

To see better footage from
LLD, check out the clip
from the Chris Hampton
interview on the Television Page.

Video thanks to Rhea, AZ
Wonderful foresight, Rhea and 
we love you for it!  And we miss you
Video thanks to Dee, Australia
She's a huge Juliet Stevenson fan but 
thought of me when she 
stumbled across this beauty!
2001 Variety Club Awards
2002 European Film Awards
2004 Emmys

Thanks to Suzy Q for picture and video

Bless his heart, he was so sick that night.

Thanks to Kimberly 
(The Queen of AR 
searching on the Net)
 for notifying everyone of this 

AR was nominated for the "Outstanding Actor
in a Miniseries or Television Film"

I have to apologize for the sound on this clip.
You will need to adjust your speaker volume
from one extreme to the other.

In the arrival scene, you will find AR
down on the red carpet below
and in between Star Jones and
Megan Mullally.

In the Applauding Tony Kushner
segment, you will find AR starting
in the lower right hand corner of
your screen.


HBO The Buzz
The After Emmys Party
Sony Ericsson Empire Awards
Sony Ericsson Empire Awards

After Emmys interview for
HBO's The Buzz

All that red!!!

Special thanks to Emily for
the heads up on this piece.


Alan Rickman presented the
Independent Spirit Award
to Kevin Smith

Special thanks to SuzyQ
for staying up so late
and working so hard on this
for everyone and to top
it off, she is really
under the weather.
Get to feeling better Suzy!
Alan Rickman presented the
Independent Spirit Award
to Kevin Smith

Elaine, you're a star for
staying up late, working
so hard and not letting a little
email trouble get in your way
of sharing!
Thank you, Elaine!